Hector's Gate Animal Sanctuary

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The Shape of a Shetland


There's a hole in my heart

And its shaped like a Shetland.

A naughty black Shetland

All furry and round.

The hole in my heart was made by dear Hector

Whose left his old clothes buried deep in the ground.


It's not just in my heart

This shape of a Shetland.

It's also in Squirrels.

He's lost his best friend.

Alone in a corner

He stands in the stable

And waits for his sadness to come to an end.


He's looking so skinny

He's actually shrinking.

This hole in my heart wasn't made to hold two!

There's only one answer...

To search for another..

Find him a Shetland is what i must do!


There's a tear in my eye and it looks like Sebastian,

A dear little Shetland with shiny black feet.

Tied to a horsebox. Awaiting collection

And wondering who he is going to meet?


There's a song in my heart

And it sounds like two Shetlands.

Not instant soul mates

But given some time

Who knows what stories

Are just round the corner?

Unwritten verses

Just waiting to rhyme.


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