Hector's Gate Animal Sanctuary

Registered Charity No: 1105874


The History Of The Founder and Sanctuary


Elaine Wood was born on 1st January 1955 . She has loved dogs, cats and ponies for as long as she can remember. As she grew up she realised how many animals were ill treated and abused. She had a dream that one day she could offer help to those who crossed her path, giving them regular food, shelter and the sort of care they had never known.


When her father died he left her a legacy that made buying her own land a possibility and, as fate would have it, a peaceful field was for sale. It was a perfect site. Elaine spent considerable hours fencing the seven acres into manageable paddocks and turning the pole barn into a weatherproof hay store. Her beloved equines, Charlie, Merri, Bill, Sebastian, Squirrel and Widget moved to their permanent home in June 1997.


Hector's Gate became a registered charity in September 2004. Because of Health and Safety legislation the Sanctuary is not open to the public but informal visits can be arranged by appointment